Albums Titles. With BlueMelon, you do not have to worry about naming your albums the way you want. We support even special signs, Cyrillic, Arabic, and other letters:


Creating Albums.
New albums can be created in three ways :(A) By using the "New Album" option in the "Tools" menu. This menu is accessible when you hover the mouse pointer over the album homepage section or album category section.


By using the "New Album" option that can be accessed in the "Upload" >> "To New Album" menu.

In either (A) or (B) case, you are asked to enter the title, choose the privacy mode (for more see this article) and, in case you have created at least one category, you can choose in which category (2) to place the album.


Using the Organizer, which is accessible from the main menu.


In the Organizer, you can simply "Create" a default "Album" (2). It also gives you an array of other options including photo or album download, ordering and sorting capabilities, management of featured items or copying of whole albums.