How do I navigate within an album? You can navigate either using the CTRL + left & right keys on your keyboard, or by clicking the arrow keys by the sides of the photo/video thumbnails. When there are several pages of photos in your album, you will see a black triangle underneath the photo/video thumbnails. When you move your mouse cursor over this triangle, a page selection box will appear - clicking a number in this box will open the corresponding album page.

What view modes are there? There are two slideshows, two album views, and a single-photo view with an information panel that can be minimized. Some of the views can be disabled by the owner and the owner can also restrict the album view to only one of the album layout settings.

The album and single-photo views. Each of your albums can be viewed in the two : the "thumbnails" and "combined" album layouts depending on the corresponding "Album Settings" >> "Album Layout" settings. Furthermore, once you or the visitor clicks any of the thumbnails for the "thumbnails" layout or the larger view for the "combined" layout, a single-photo view with the information panel loads. You can minimize the information panel into few icons using its cross button. You can see a sample screenshot for each of the view-modes below.

The "thumbnails" album layout :


The "combined" album layout :


The "journal" album layout, in which all photos are displayed in the largest allowed size one after another :



Advanced Settings. Not only can you as the owner restrict the view to only one of the album layouts or disallow individual buttons, but the spacing, size, and ratio of the thumbnails can be easily managed as well. Then there is of course the option to choose or design your own themes and arrange the individual photos and/or videos.



Why is my homepage not showing any albums although I have created some already?
If your whole account is not password-protected, the most likely cause is that your default album access-mode is set to either "private" or "unlisted" ("Customize" >> "Site Settings"). With the access mode being "unlisted", people may still view your photos if you provide them with a simple link to the album. If it is "private", it can be only accessed through an appropriate email invitation or using the client access.