What are built-in pages? These pages look the way your albums do, but the content is automatically managed for you. From the moment you create your account, the links to the following built-in pages are visible in the menu at the top of all your pages:


  • Albums : displays a pop-up window that enables easy navigation through your category-album hierarchy
  • Recent : your most recent uploads - a kind of an update-feed
  • Popular : your most liked photos
  • I like :  the photos you have liked anywhere on BlueMelon
  • Guestbook : your personal guestbook
  • Blog : displays your BlueMelon blog posts

You can disable or enable the whole top menu ("Menu") using the "Layout" button on your homepage.



Can I customize the links at the top of each page? 
If you are a subscriber with a storage plan, you can edit your menus using the Menu Designer, or you can create your own custom pages.