What are the options? There are two Slideshows available for you to use : the Album/Recent Photos Slideshow and the Featured Slideshow (see a separate article here).

Running the Slideshow. While viewing the contents of an album, there - in the upper right corner of your screen - is a  "Slideshow" button available that allows you to enjoy all (accessible) album photos without further input. In case you are on the homepage, clicking the Slideshow button will run display all Recent Photos (public) one after another.

You can also access the Album Slideshow from a single-photo view:

Another way to view either Recent Photos or an Album Slideshow is by using a direct link. You can access all links from the window accessible through "Share" >>  "Get Links" .

How can I customize the slideshow? The settings are accessed by clicking the "gear" button - accessible when you move the mouse pointer over the right-top of the slideshow. You can change the interval between slides, enlarge the Slideshow to fit the screen of your device/display or hide photo titles.

What can I do next? You can embed a slideshow in a forum, blog or on your own website or you can learn more about the Featured Slideshow.