Bluemelon collects daily data concerning the interaction between visitors and your bluemelon website. Thus you are able to review statistics for displayed photos, opened albums, the number of times your homepage was accessed or other statistics within the chosen time interval.

To access the statistics page, go to "Visitors" >> "Traffic Statistics".

Please note :
In order to provide you with the most accurate data concerning your visitors, the actions taken by you as an owner are excluded while you are logged in.

Below follows a short description for every statistics available:
  • Photos viewed : anytime a photo is viewed in a resolution higher than 400x300 (thumbnail), or the original photo is displayed;
  • Albums opened : anytime a visitor accesses your  album;
  • Homepage viewed : anytime a visitor accesses your homepage;
  • Originals viewed : this value is incremented if your original is accessed by a visitor, either by using the Zoom icon, or directly in an album if the original size fits the space reserved for photographs;
  • Photos downloaded : the number of photographs downloaded using the Download button in any size;
  • Downloads via BlueDownlad : the number of photographs downloaded using the BlueDownload software integrated via the "Download" >> "All Photos" link in your bluemelon website;
  • Downloads via slideshow : the number of photographs displayed with the full-screen slideshow.

What can I do next?  BlueMelon offers an easy integration of Google Analytics via the HTML Customizer.


What is the difference between your statistics and Google Analytics? 
While Google Analytics is great in providing detailed information about your visitors based on accessed pages like your homepage or albums, it can not offer statistics like photos viewed, downloads, slideshows, accessed originals or the like.