The Organizer includes many tools making your life that much easier. Other than moving, copying and arranging content, it also allows you to manage featured albums and photos.

Deleting categories or albums. The Organizer is fully capable of removing any content that you find obsolete. Categories and albums can be removed simply by right-clicking them (1) in the left-side navigation panel and choosing the "Delete" option (2).


As usual, you need to confirm your choice. When deleting categories, all contained albums are moved to your Homepage ("My Categories") and only categories selected or contained are deleted. When deleting albums, contained photos are deleted with them. Please note that these actions cannot be reversed.


Renaming. You can rename categories and albums, excluding your homepage ("My Categories"), "Featured albums" and "Featured photos", in the navigation panel either by choosing the "Rename" option after right-clicking the category/album or using the button at the top menu accessible through the right mouse button. Please note that the rename option only works for categories/albums selected in the right-side navigation panel.

You can also set the title for (multiple) photos by choosing the "Selected" > "Edit" > "Title" option:

Upload and create. Seeing the contents of your album in a new order may help you realize you are missing a photo or two. Or perhaps you are missing an album or a category? Depending on whether you have an album selected in the navigation panel or it is your homepage/category, you are offered to  photos (and save your content changes at the same time) or  a new album/category respectively. Any category/album thus created uses the default settings.

 Watermarking. The Organizer with its simple selection provides the means to watermark many albums at once. For more, see the "Applying watermarks" article.

What can I do next? You may want to check our Lightroom Publishing Plugin as an ideal companion to our Organizer.