The only necessities for efficient uploading are a stable internet connection with good uplink and your bluemelon account with an unused storage. There are various uploaders to choose from, this guide explains only two :  the Web uploader and FTP upload using Windows Explorer.

Web uploader

At any point during your session (being logged in to your account), you can choose to "Upload" photos or videos either to an "Existing Album" or to a "New Album". If an album is opened, you may choose from "To This Album", "To New Album" and "To Another Album" (▼). This menu is accessible from any page on our site.


Once you choose to upload to an existing album, a window will appear that lets you choose the album. Afterwards, the Web Uploader will appear (▼. You can also choose the Simple and Bulletproof uploader from the "Other Uploaders" page, but the main reason to do so would be to check whether uploads work with your privileges or current system configuration.


Either drag&drop photos, or videos into the uploader area or "Add files". The upload will start automatically and after each uploaded photo a green tick mark will appear. You can drag and drop or add more photos/videos anytime, these will be added at the end of the queue (▼).

It will take longer time for the photos/videos to be visible in the album itself depending primarily on the size of the item. Seeing that a photo is being processed is a cause for worry only half an hour after it's been uploaded (▼). For videos larger than 500MB, checking after two hours may be suitable. If the item is still being processed after this time, check the "My Stuff" >> "Activity Log" > "See Photo Events".


Meanwhile, you can manage your videos and photos in a different window/tab, it does not have to be the same computer at all, still the uploading will finish just as if you were holding your breath.

FTP upload

The main advantage of FTP upload is its reliability. You are independent of all browser problems like automatic updates during your upload, session expiring, crashes, or bugs. Windows Explorer is the most obvious tool for accessing FTP for Windows users, but you can use any FTP client you wish.

To upload photos or videos to your bluemelon account, you have to set up the ftp access first. Then, simply enter this address - - to the location bar of your Windows Explorer and wait for the connection to establish. Fill in your user name and password and press "Log On".

You can navigate your albums and categories the same way you navigate your folders on the hard drive. But, you can copy photos only to albums. You can create albums simply by creating a new folder, the folder will have the "Site Settings" values immediately including any default watermarking or pricing you use. Afterwards, you can drag&drop or copy+paste any photos/videos that are of the supported file format.

No FTP client will show you individual photos, but once the copying is finished, these photos are there.


What can I do next? Perhaps you want to upload your photos from iPhone or you would like to use the full power of Lightroom.