How does BlueMelon display the color of uploaded photos? If you are familiar with color profiles or color spaces, you know that almost every browser and online content is displayed using sRGB color space, which we use too. It offers vibrant colors, a good compression and especially an unmatched compatibility. High-end displays and printers should provide you with more color spaces, but if you can not choose, you are most probably looking at sRGB.

What is color space? A very simple definition might be that color space defines the range of colors that are available (for display, printing, etc.). When comparing the range, sRGB offers the smallest followed by Adobe RGB (also aRGB) and ProPhoto RGB offers almost as many colors as the eye can see (but only few displays can show).

Why not use a profile with more colors? One word: compatibility. Because your browser expects the colors to be within sRGB space, shades outside of the range are not displayed properly and the photo looses luster.

What happens if I upload photos in a different color space? Any photo uploaded to BlueMelon is converted into sRGB. But, the original of the file is kept separately and when you download the photo or someone purchases it, he/she will receive the original in the original color space. Think of the color space conversion as just another layer like the watermarks only this one optimizes the quality of the online reproduction.


What is next? You may return to the supported files article or read about the uploading.