Connect Lightroom with your BlueMelon account to manage all your albums, categories and photos as well as to publish new photos directly to a new or an existing albums on your BlueMelon site.

Ligthroom is a very useful tool for a simple and creative play with your photos. With our plugin, it is now a matter of moments before you create a new password-protected category or delete an album. If you change already uploaded photographs in Adobe Lightroom, you do not even have to do anything and your new photos replace their previous versions automatically.

If you wish to avoid the publishing plugin, you can use any 3rd party FTP export plugin following the instruction here.

Installation and Setup

To expand your Adobe Lightroom by adding BlueMelon publishing options, simply download our free plugin here.

1. Once you have downloaded the archive, just unpack (for Windows) the archive to Lightroom modules and restart your Lightroom. You should be able to see a BlueMelon icon among the “Publish Services“ options.

2. In the “Publish Service“ menu, choose the BlueMelon tab and click “Set Up“.

3. This will bring up the “Publishing Manager“ with the settings for bluemelon provided in its main panel. In the “Your Account“ section, enter your username, password, then click the “Log in“ button to confirm your credentials.

4. Specify additional options and assign a description in a case you will need more than one profile for your BlueMelon publishing.

Managing your albums and categories

To unlock the full potential of your Lightroom, you will have to import any existing album-category hierarchy from BlueMelon. This will let you manage a large part of your account with your desktop application and continue exactly where you have stopped.

Simply click the “Import“ button in the “Publish Services” menu. Most of the management takes place in the “Publish Services” menu.

When you click any album/category, you may choose its privacy settings. You can also create, rename, and remove albums and categories.

Publishing Photos

Publishing allows you to simultaneously publish your photos at various sites and places and under completely different settings including Image Sizing, File Naming and File Settings.

Once you have set up a ”Publish Service” (see Installation and Setup), you can simply drag&drop any photos into any of the albums located in the ”Publish Service” menu. You can return to the photos anytime and your original files on the hard drive remain unaffected by your changes.

With Lightroom enhanced by our plugin, you can not only rename photos, add titles and descriptions, you are also able to view their comments and likes. After you apply any effect or otherwise change the published photos - changing rotation, brightness, descriptions, etc. - the photo in your BlueMelon account will be automatically replaced by its new version.

Once you have finished your work, simply “Publish” your changes and wait for the update to finish. By right-clicking the album name and choosing the “Go to Album” option, you may go to the online album. If you forget anything, Lightroom allows you to re-publish as many times as you like. Do not worry, you will not have your account full of copies.

What can I do next? You can take a look at the full review of bluemelon privacy options or other uploading options.