Allow visitors to upload photos into your albums whatever subscription plan you have. Allowing an upload password will give you the opportunity to let any member of your family, group, clan and the likes to actively participate and help you to create immense photo collections.

You can set a general upload password for your whole account or you can set separate passwords for various albums. To access this feature, you have to go to the "Customize" >> "Site Settings" >> "Access Control" or to the "Album Settings" >> "Access Control" for a specific album. In the "Other Access Settings" section, you have to check the "password for guest uploading“ check-box. Consequently, you can type the preferred password into the field. Please note: you do want to choose a unique and strong password to avoid issues with inappropriate content or compromised security.


How does a guest uploads photos to my album? Once you have given a guest the upload password and the guest has an access to the appropriate album(s), he or she can simply click the "Upload" button at the top of the page, enter the password and use any of our on-site uploaders to upload photos from a drive. For more information about our uploaders, see the "Uploaders" page.

Restrictions. When enabling access to an album, check if your guests have the viewing privileges. If an album is password protected, not only the upload password is needed but the album password is required too. One of the best combinations is that of email invitations and upload passwords. You can easily create a family album accessible to the family members only and all of them can upload their own photos.

Storage limit. The guest photos are counted into your storage limit. Once a storage limit is reached, you or your guests can upload no more unless you sign up for an additional storage space.

What can I do next? You can take a look at how to protect your albums or how to use the email invitations effectively.