Use the FTP support to connect Lightroom with your BlueMelon account and upload directly to a specific album.

Ligthroom is a very useful tool for a simple and creative play with your photos. With our FTP support, it is now a matter of moments before your photographs appear on your BlueMelon site.

Installation and FTP setup

You will need three things first, before you can actually start uploading. Your upload will be done using FTP, hence you will be required to add BlueMelon FTP user, if you have not done it already, and to install an external Lightroom plug-in.

1.  Adding FTP user. In the "Customize" >>"Site Settings" >> "FTP" click the "Add FTP User" button and fill in the login and password. For more information, visit the FTP Upload article please.

2.  Plug-in download and installation. For the download of the external upload plug-in, you can use this link. Unpack (for Windows) the archive to Lightroom modules and restart your Lightroom. In the topmost menu, go to "File" >> "Export" and you should be able to choose a new option "FTP Upload" from the menu. If you are unable to see this option, your plug-in must have been unrecognized (e.g. version incompatibility) or damaged somehow. You might want to take a look at this youtube tutorial.

3.  Set up the FTP connection. At the very bottom of the panel, choose "Edit... " for the Destination:. In the picture below, you can see some of the settings you already know from the FTP Upload article.


For Server:, the same address applies : You have to use the login information you set up in the "Customize" >> "Site Settings" >> "FTP" and choose the Protocol: from the roll-down menu. Afterwards, you can set the Server Path: simply by clicking the "Browse" button.

Export (Upload) to BlueMelon

Export process to BlueMelon is very simple. After you successfully created a connection to BlueMelon FTP, you use Lightroom to select the files you want to upload. You can export files from Lightroom whenever you like, however, you can upload only to one album at the same time.

1. After selecting desired files go to "File" >> "Export". Now you have few options such as renaming your photographs, cropping them or applying watermarks to them. Note please, that photos watermarked before upload can not be unwatermarked in BlueMelon.

2a. To upload photos to an existing album, open the Destination: once again and choose using "Browse" the proper album.

2b. To create a new album, check the Put in Subfolder option (see below). The plug-in will create new folder in BlueMelon with its default values, privacy, theme etc.


Click "Export" and enjoy.

What can I do next? You can take a look at our watermarking tools or our sharing options.