Whenever you experience that you cannot access your photos, although the upload was finished without an error, there may be various explanations including :

-  Your storage space limit has been reached. In such a case, check your email account for a notification from BlueMelon. Be sure to check the Spam folder for any misplaced messages. Alternatively, go to "Settings" >> "My Account".

- Your uploaded files may not be of a supported file type. Review the supported files here.

-  The file has been corrupted, for example a truncated .jpeg. Some software can display corrupted files but BlueMelon can not.

Checking upload status. You can easily check all your uploads by going to "My Stuff" >> "Activity Log" and using the "Photo Events" link at the top of the page. An example of such a photo log is displayed below with some of the possible errors. The columns in the log describe the most important identifiers for every operation together with the type of uploader used. For example the "Error creating image data" status resulted from shutting down the internet connection during upload.


If you still can not detect the reason for your uploading problems, contact the support and provide detailed information about your upload. Especially your OS type, browser type, used uploader and time the upload was performed are most appreciated.