BlueMelon interacts with Facebook allowing you to efficiently transport whole albums albums to Facebook as well as to send statuses right from your bluemelon account.

Save your time by sending your large-resolution albums from BlueMelon to Facebook with their titles, tags or privacy settings including geotagging. Exporting is performed by going to the album page you want to share and selecting "Share" >> "Export to Facebook". For more information, see the Export to Facebook article.

What about bluemelon slideshows, can I share those? You have to navigate to the album the slideshow of which you want to share and go to "Share" >> "Share on Facebook". You need to be logged into your facebook account in order to be able to select a link to an album's slideshow. Write anything you want and post it. The same works for homepage and other links too. For more information, see the Share on Facebook article.

Why not just upload the images to Facebook? There are too many reasons starting with the resolution of your photos, protection features and the ability to keep the organization to categories and albums. And as was said before, it saves your time.