Share your content and give the recipients the necessary access rights. You can use the invitations to enable others to view your private, unlisted albums or photos, or your password-protected ones without their knowing the password. The invitations override any privacy settings you may have applied to your albums or photos when the recipient uses the special link sent within the invitation - the link works as long as the invitation is valid.


So, how do I send an invitation? In order to invite your friends via e-mail to come and have a look at your photos, you have to navigate to your chosen photo or album. The feature is accessible via the  "Share" button located in the top toolbar and is accessible only to the owner.

We store the addresses you use. Each BlueMelon user may maintain a list of Contacts which is displayed on the left side of the QuickPanel. There you may add contacts, remove them or choose some or all of them to be sent an invitation.

How do I add or remove a recipient? By clicking a name (the left-most column in the address book), the thereto assigned address is included in the recipients list and will be among those to receive the current invitation. Should you decide not to include someone after having added them to the list, you may use the "remove" link to exclude them from the list again. You may specify the subject of the e-mail invitation as the recipients will receive it and you may specify a short message to be sent with the invitation.

The expiration period. The invitations are valid for the time period you choose when sending the invitation ( by default for a year ) since the time that they were sent.

How can I cancel an invitation after it has been send? It may happen that you - for one reason or another - decide that you no longer wish anyone to have access to the album or photo that you have invited them to view :  for such cases there is the option of deleting an invitation in the "Visitors" >> "Invitation Emails" page. Here you may delete any invitation using the "remove" link at the right side of every one. After it has been removed, the special link will not grant any permissions to anyone anymore.

How do I cancel the invitation for only one of the recipients? Via this page, you may also access each invitation's details, including its expiration date, the list of recipients, the message sent with the invitation and the number of times the invitation has actually been used. Next to each recipient there is a "remove" link which invalidates their particular special access link - this can be useful when you happen to include someone in an invitation's recipients list by accident and do not want to delete the whole invitation and resend it to rest of the recipients again.


Only you can send invitations, but the recipients can resend it. Users other than you will, of course, not have the option of inviting people to come and watch your photos or albums - the right to do so is solely the owner's, but when you invite someone they may forward your special link to others thus allowing them to access your photos or albums. Whence it is necessary to be careful when choosing whom to invite.