Post directly from your BlueMelon page. Twitter users may use the BlueMelon interface to post a link to a photo, an album, or an album's SlideShow directly from our site as a “tweet”.
How do I do it? You have to navigate to the album page you want to share, and go to "Share" >> "Share on Twitter". You need to be logged in on Twitter and if you are not, you are presented with the login option. After you have logged in, you may post a link to either a photo, a whole album, an album's slideshow, or your BlueMelon homepage - this can be chosen via a drop-down menu. You can also type a text that will be posted with the content.
It is enough to allow us to post only the first time you use it. The first time you try to use BlueMelon to share content on your Twitter account, you will be prompted if you want to allow BlueMelon to post content - you need to allow this. This needs to be done only once so that BlueMelon can use those services - any subsequent use of this feature will not require you to repeat this step.


What is the result? After you click the "Send" button, a tweet containing a link will be posted via your Twitter account. Clicking the link opens the BlueMelon's page for the content that you have chosen to share (in the case of trying to share a private album, you will not be able to post at all and if you try to share a password-protected album, everyone but you will be required to enter the password in order that they may access the album's contents).