Embedding is simply including a code snippet into a website. If you have a blog or a website of your own, you may want to have your BlueMelon categories and albums accessible from there. We generate a code and you simply paste into into your website's code and you have a fully functional gallery system which you can easily manage via BlueMelon.

So how do I get the code? To make the process of embedding and customization simple for you, we have implemented a profile editor. You can access the profile editor by going to "Share" >> "Embed elsewhere". Clicking the entry directly opens the profile editor where you can customize the colors and thumbnail sizes to match your website's layout. After you are content with the way it looks in the preview section of the editor, you simply specify the dimensions of the website element that you want to create and click the "Generate your code!" button.

What can I do next? If you do not want to use full albums, BlueMelon also enables you to embed a slideshow into your websites.