A smaller embeddable slideshow. This slideshow can be either displayed at the top of your homepage or embedded in a web-site of yours. It is the very same slideshow that can be seen on the BlueMelon's homepage. To learn more about other BlueMelon slideshows, visit the Slideshows page.
So, how do I embed the slideshow on my own page? Besides having the slideshow displayed on your homepage, you can also embed it on your own pages : to get the HTML code for such embedding, all you need is simply click "Share" >> "Get Links". This will open up a panel containing links to the currently opened album and photo - among these links you can also find the slideshow embed code. If you open the "Share" >> "Get Links" panel while on your homepage, you are provided the links for the Recent photos SlideShow (▼).

What can I do next? BlueMelon also enables you to embed fully working albums into your websites.