In order to download all photos from a single album, you just need to choose the "All photos" entry from the "Download" menu (▼►).

Allowing the "Download" button for all visitors. By default, only you as an owner can download photos. You can change that in "Customize" >> "Site Settings" >> "Functionality" for default setting or in the "Tools" >> "Album Settings" for a specific album (▲◄).


Before the download can begin, an email address must be provided. If a visitor is logged in, his or her email address is automatically retrieved and the creation of the zip file starts. If not, he or she is asked to provide the address (▼).

Once the zip file is created, a link to the created zip file is sent in an email. The visitor can also wait and retrieve the link from the panel (▼). The zip file is downloadable for three days.

Available options. Even if you allow download functionality for all your visitors, you can still limit the available resolution of the downloaded photos and/or allow XMP metadata to be included with the download. If you limit the size, the zip file will contain photos in the largest accessible resolution including your watermark.

What can I do next? You may want to review the available protection settings or continue to the next sharing article - sharing links.