The browser link. Each photograph on our site has its own address (URL), just as the page you're now reading has one. If you give your friends such address to your photo, they will be able to view your photos and can navigate using the BlueMelon navigation wherever the your privacy modes allow them to. In the case that you send your friends the address to a protected photo, they shall be denied access and the page will generate an error. Of course, you may also place the link on your website or anywhere else, as long as this is allowed by the owners of that site.

A direct link to a photo, album or homepage. You can open the Links panel by going to "Share" >> "Get Links" at the top of an album or category page. Once the panel is opened, you can choose whether you want to share the current photo, the current album or your homepage. As an owner, you may need to display the "Share" button first in "Customize" >> "Site Settings" >> "Functionality".

In the photo tab, you'll see a list of sizes for the photo together with a link for each of them. Such direct link allows the recipient to view only that one photograph in that certain size without any additional information or the page with its navigation. Thus the recipient is unable to view the whole album in case that they were provided only with the direct link and nothing else.

In the album tab, you'll find a link for the album, a link for the album's slideshow, and a code for the Embeddable Flash-based SlideShow.

In the homepage tab, you'll find a link for your homepage, a link for the slideshow that will present your recent public photographs, and a code for the Embeddable Flash-based SlideShow that plays your recent public photographs as well.



Be aware of your privacy settings. As is valid for the browser link too, even a direct link will not make it possible for the viewer to access private or password-protected photos. However, a link to an album (or a photo) is the simplest way to make it possible for someone to view your unlisted albums (or photos).


What can I do next? You may be interested in other Site Settings or the access modes (privacy settings) article.