Watermarks are the basic way to protect your photos and sign them. With BlueMelon, you can create or adapt image or text watermarks within minutes that are only applied on displayed photos. These are scaled according to the displayed resolution achieveng the optimal results under all circumstances. When your customer buys a product, whether download or a print, your BlueMelon watermark is not applied.

How do I create a watermark? To create a watermark, go to "Customize" >> "Watermarks". This will open the "My watermarks" page which shows all created watermarks and basic information about each of them (▼). After clicking the "Create New" link, you are defining properties of another text or image watermark.

What watermarks can I create? You can create a text or image watermark by choosing the appropriate option. For a text watermark, you are defining the text you want displayed, size up to 600pt, font from 9 types, and properties like bold type, color, rotation, background color, or spacing (▼).


For an image watermark, you need firstly to upload the image from your hard or network drive. Then you can set the percentage width of the watermarked photos, on which the image watermark will be applied (▼). Opacity is especially useful when the image is more complicated then a logo and/or text.

For both image and text watermark, the final option is to choose the position and the resolution from which the watermark is applied. Finally, you can set the watermark to be automatically applied to all new albums (▼).
What happens next? After you have any watermarks created, you can apply them using the Organizer.