Client Access provides the fastest and simplest way to display specific category or an album. Whether you offer portrait photos or specialize in major lifetime events, your homepage may easily become crowded and your clients lost. But with the client codes, your clients can bypass navigation and see the assigned category or an album immediately. Regardless of its protection settings.

Setting up a Client Access. The process consists of three steps: creating a code, activating the client access page or homepage section, and informing your client of his/her code.

1. Creating a client code. Navigate to the “Visitors” >> “Client access” (▼) and fill in the data.

You can use the random code generator or enter any code consisting of letters a-z, numerals 0-9, “.” and/or “-” (▼). A functional client code needs to be assigned to a single category or an album. Optionally, you can create access codes with an expiration date.

2a. Activating the “Client Access” section on your homepage. You need to provide your clients with a field to enter their code. The simplest way to do this is to enable (tick) “Client Access” in the “Layout” menu of your homepage. Once the section is visible (▼), you can choose to “Customize” it, where you can change the title of the section and add a text under it, or “Manage access”, which will redirect you to the “Visitors” >> “Client access” page.


2b. Activating the “Client access” page in your menu. Another way, which can be used simultaneously, to provide allow your clients an access is to create a menu entry in your “Menu Designer”. Navigate to the “Visitors” >> “Menu Designer” and create a new entry with whatever name you wish the page to be called. From the roll-down menus choose the “Built-in Page” and the “Client Access” entries (▼).
After saving your menu the option is immediately accessible from any place on your bluemelon site.

What are the features of Client Access?

As a Visitor, entering a correct code immediately opens any single category or an album that is assigned to the code.
Client Access opens any category/album. It is the only way to open a private category or a private album.

As an Owner (▼), you can at any time re-assign a code to a different category/album or delete it thus modifying or restricting client’s access.
Any number of codes can be created for any category or an album.  
You can maintain any number of codes at the same time.

But, you cannot prolong a code. In order to achieve that, you need to copy the code, remove the existing one and create a new one with the old code.


Tips and Tricks.

To use the full potential of the Client Access, you  may wish to place all assigned albums and/or categories into a protected category. This way, it will be impossible for your clients to view other than their photos.