Right-click protection is a method of protecting your photos from being downloaded by right-clicking them in a browser. Without it, any visitor viewing your photos can simply right-click them and save them to their computer / device. With the protection enabled, right-click displays the same menu as right-clicking anywhere else on the page would (The "Save as..." entry in the screenshot does not save the image, but saves the webpage as such). 

How do I turn it on? The right-click protection can be turned on for all albums by going to "Settings" >> "Site Settings" >> "Download". To change the setting for individual albums, you can go to  "Tools" >> "Album Settings" >> "Download".

Disable also other ways of downloading your photographs. Even though you may have enabled the right-click protection, your visitors are by default still able to access the photo directly using the zoom icon or the Download button.

You can hide the "zoom icon" ("View in max. size") visible when you point your mouse cursor over a photo. To hide this icon for all albums go to "Settings" >> "Site Settings" >> "Download". To enable / disable the setting for individual albums, you can go to  "Tools" >> "Album Settings" >> "Download".

You can disable the Download Button by going to "Settings" >> "Site Settings" >> "Functionality". You can also activate or deactivate the "Buy" button individually for each album by going to "Tools" >> "Album Settings" >> "Functionality".

What can I do next? You can review other photo protection options, consider limiting access to your originals or applying watermarks.


How do I protect my photos from being stolen by hitting print-screen?
You can either limiting access to your originals and thus protect the full-resolution photos from unauthorized use, or you can watermark all of your photos using our in-built watermarking.