BlueMelon supports the creative genius. There are three main levels of customization - Homepage, Categories and Albums - each level with its specific options, each lower level with the ability to behave according to the higher level. Unite all your photos under one theme, thumbnail size and view or assign each of your albums individual properties.

Homepage, Categories and Albums

Order your photos, albums or categories by predefined parameters or by your taste. Simply Drag and Drop by clicking the "Organize" in the respective "Tools" or "Organize" >> "Organizer". For more information, see the Organizer or the Organizer - ordering articles.

Set up the privacy modes for each level separately or use one and the same for all your photos.


Create the appropriate showcase to your photos. Select the preferred features to be shown on your homepage from the "Layout" button. The available options include useful gadgets including youtube gadget, blog, featured slideshow and more. For more information, see the Gadgets, Youtube gadget, Configuring your blog, Custom content pages articles.


Homepage and Albums

Choose your theme. Make your photos come out of the screen choosing something immensely contrasting or relax your visitors with something decent.

Create your own theme or modify one of ours (only pro and business accounts). For more information, see our Theme Designer, Menu Designer, HTML Customizer.

To customize your bluemelon account even further, use your own domain name. If you wish to completely debrand your site, we suggest removing the "Powered by BlueMelon" logo. For more information, see the Custom Domain and the Powered By BlueMelon articles.