requires Subscription, for more details see plans and pricing

The Theme Designer page can be accessed by going to "Customize" >> "Design" > "Edit Theme". As the name suggests, the page is for those who want to customize the themes to for example reach a specific color combination for your albums or your homepage. To use the theme designer to manage themes, you do not need any knowledge of CSS or HTML coding. The designer enables you to :

  • create new and edit your created themes
  • edit the BlueMelon themes and save them as your new themes
  • preview the currently edited theme on any of your pages
  • import and export your themes

You can alter various properties of objects such as :  text colors, background colors and images, margins, border colors, and others. There are many combinations and it is completely up to you what themes you create.

After you have created and saved your theme, it will be listed under the "My themes" category among the default themes. The heretofore available themes are, of course, still ready to be used.



What can I do next? If you seek more advanced customization features, you will find yourself interested in the HTML Customizer.