The HTML Customizer page, can be opened by going to "Customize" >> "Design" > "Customize HTML". The page contains the following :


  • settings to customize your on-page navigation and page titles
  • a field where you can enter your Google Analytics Web Property ID ( the "UA number" )
  • advanced customization :
    1. you can add custom entries into your pages' <head/> tag
    2. you can enter your own custom CSS code to be used on your BlueMelon pages
    3. you can enter your own custom HTML to be used together with ( or instead of ) the default BlueMelon page header and footer



What can I do next? If you do prefer point-and-click customization, you may be interested in the Theme Designer. You can also customize your header and footer menus using the Menu Designer. If customizing the headers, footers, themes, and even CSS is not powerful enough for you to express what you need, you may want to check out the custom content pages.