The Menu Designer page serves you to create and edit custom menus for your header and footer using a simple interface and Drag&Drop ordering. The editor provides an effective way of linking any of your BlueMelon pages, including :  your albums and photos, the built-in pages, and any of your custom pages.

To open the Menu Designer simply go to "Customize" >> "Design" > "Edit Menu".


You can also go through the main hub - "Site Settings" > "Homepage" > "Customize Links" :


The Menu Designer enables you to add, remove, and drag&drop your custom menu entries. There are two menus available :  header and footer menu. The header menu can be seen at the top of each page, and the footer menu at the bottom of each page.

This is the main part of the Designer. You do not need any coding skills, simply rename any entry or select an option from the roll-down menus:


You can choose from five menu entry separators and you can create entries linking to either of the pages mentioned above. Albums and categories have a convenient selector so all you need to get a link is point-and-click on the chosen item.

You can reset each menu at any time and return to the default entries.


What can I do next? You can create and add your own custom content pages. You may also by interested in customizing your header and footer sections on the HTML level using the HTML Customizer.