The Youtube gadget enables you to embed up to three Youtube videos in a row on your homepage. If you embed only one video, you can choose to align it to the left or right, or center it horizontally.

You can customize the gadget section by adding a title ;  you can also set each video's dimensions in pixels, and you can choose to display or hide the section's header.

How do I embed the video? All you need is the video's URL or the video's embed code. You can get the embed code at Youtube and once you paste the code in the gadget settings panel, the relevant data are automatically extracted.

How do I add this gadget? Just as any other gadget, this gadget can be added to your homepage by going to "Layout" >> "More Gadgets...", or to any category by going to "Tools" >> "Add Gadget". It can be added multiple times onto the homepage or any subcategory.


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