The Organizer allows you to order/arrange everything you can see in the contents panel. Every photo, album, category, your homepage, including Featured albums and Featured photos can be managed simply by selecting it in the navigation panel. Once the contents are loaded, you can drag and drop any items.

Arranging photos. Categories, Albums and Featured photos require manual ordering/arranging, but all other photos can be arranged using one of these predefined parameters :
a) Sort by upload time (9-1);
b) Sort by upload time (1-9);
c) Sort by time taken (9-1);
d) Sort by time taken (1-9);
e) Sort by title (A-Z);
f) Custom sort order.


Closer look at arranging multiple photos. You can move multiple items at the same time, just select them (e.g. by holding Ctrl) 

once you start to move/drag them, there will be an empty square wherever you hover your mouse - in their original position (2) :

or the destination (3) :

Even if you select items from the beginning and the end, once you put them into the empty space, the items from the end will follow directly after those from the beginning.

As usual, you can follow the progress of any operation from its notification such as :

What can I do next? You may want to take a look at the additional features of the Organizer or review its basics including moving albums and copying photos.