requires Business Package, for more details see plans and pricing

How do I create or edit a price list? To create or edit a price list, go to "Selling" >> "Price Lists". This opens the view of the basic properties of your existing price lists. If you have no price lists, this is also where you can create new ones by simply clicking the "Create New" button.
What to do with a price list? There are two modes for editing your price lists. While the Simple price list allows you to create only three pre-defined products, the Complex price list offers a much longer list of choices.


Simple Price List

Anytime you create a new price list, the first options you are given is to create a default price list for download products. This means that with the few choices from the picture below, you can start selling digital copies of all your photos/videos/albums in a matter of seconds.


Complex Price List

A complex price list allows you to set the advanced properties of your download products, your own products or complete packages to the list of products for sale. You can also set download limitations.

Once you switch to the Complex price list mode (or edit a complex price list), you can see an assignment section in the top-left corner of the page. You can simply click either of the three buttons to assign your currently edited price list to :  
  • all of your photos by assigning it to your portfolio
  • individual albums
  • individual photos

Is there any other way to assign the price list to my photos or albums? Especially if you need to choose only  specific photos from an album or specific albums from a category, the Organizer may speed things up. The procedure is the same as with watermarking, simply select any number of albums from a single category or any number of photos/videos from a single album and from the "Selected" drop-down menu choose "Set Prices". Thereafter you can choose any from your existing price lists.

Products. The products section is where you choose which products to sell and what price to sell them at. It lists all categories of products :  Photo Download, Album Download, Packages, and Self-fulfillment. To add products simply click the "Add Products" button at the bottom of the respective category. If you need to create a new product. you can do so directly from the Price list for Photo Download, Album Download and Packages by clicking the "Add Entry" or "Create new package" button respectively. Please note that due to the complexity of self-fulfilled products, these can be only created in "Selling" >> "Dashboard" or "Selling" >> "Self-fulfillment".


After you have added or removed products, featured products, or changed your prices, you need to use the "Save" button to save your changes.


What can I do next?  You may be interested in learning more about downloads or full-album pricing.