requires Business Package, for more details see plans and pricing

A download product - item is a virtual product which you can add to your price list to sell digital copies of your videos and pictures - as opposed to prints, posters, and other products from the labs. A digital product can be created with a specific license and, for photos, a specific resolution restriction defined also as a percentage size of the original.

An album product is a digital product which acts as if your customer bought the digital product for each of the photos within an album. This makes it possible for you make use of the full-album download pricing - to set discounted pricing for whole sets of pictures as opposed to discounts based on coupons or packages.

To create a download product, simply go to "Selling" >> "Dashboard", which enables you to view all the settings related to selling. Clicking the "Selling Wizard" should effectively explain and set up the main options you have. Alternatively, you may create Download products/entries directly within a chosen price list. When you click the "Add Entry" button at the bottom of the Photo Download, Video Download or Album Download Products section, you can specify the title and license for your new digital product (▼).


Download product options. Editing the name of the product allows you to select any of the available licenses. There are three built-in licenses - Unlimited electronic use, Royalty-free personal use and Royalty-free commercial use and any your - user's licenses created in "Selling" >> "Licenses". Editing the size of the product allows you to choose the resolution for the download (▼).


The price list offers you a comprehensive view of the main properties of your download products (▼).


Examples :
You can create a 800x600 digital product under the "Unlimited electronic use" license.
You can create a digital product for selling full-resolution photos under the "Royalty-free personal use" license.


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