To sell prints and products that are manufactured by you or your affiliate, the self-fulfillment is the right option for you. It is also adequate when you want to collect payments in a different way than PayPal or wire transfer.

The self-fulfillment feature is available via “Selling” >> “Self-Fulfillment” or through “Selling” >> “Dashboard” >> “Self-Fulfillment”.

A major positive of self-fulfillment is its variability, you can create as many products as you wish for as many countries, each specific and minimizing your costs. Another positive of self-fulfillment is its lack of fees. We provide this service free of charge for every trial user and subscriber with the business package.

Creating the Self-fulfilled products

Before you are allowed to create your first product, you are asked to decide the method of collecting your payments. There are two methods available:
1. collecting payments after the orders are placed. You will be informed of an order both in your BlueMelon account and by an email. You will have to contact the customer at the address provided and agree on the method of the payment. The whole management is in your hands as is the choice of the method ;
2.  a direct sending to your PayPal account during the checkout. You only need to provide your PayPal email address.

After choosing the payment collecting method, the screen automatically returns to the self-fulfillment main page. You can choose the “Self-fulfilled Products”setup now. A manager, alike the “Price Lists” and “Watermarks” pages, lets you create a new Product or remove/edit any existing.

The Product page contains fields for :
"Name" - the name that will appear in the "Buy!" roll-down menu and elsewhere ;
"Description" - information provided e.g. during the Checkout ;
"Your Base Price" - a price used in calculations of the profit ;
"Shipping options" : 
a) you can either leave it blank and the default shipping methods will be available ;  or
b) you can select any number of the methods created with the Shipping Options setup ;
"Minimum Required Photo Size" : 
a) leaving the “Apply to any size” option checked shows your customers the product for any photo assigned to the appropriate “Price List” ;  while
b) after unchecking the box you are required to set the minimum resolution of the photo for the product to be available ;
"Cropping" : 
a) “Don’t require cropping“allows your customers to set the cropping as they wish to ;  or
b) you can set the “Aspect Ratio for Cropping“ that becomes the mandatory setting for any product with this name ;
"Enable quantity" - serves to restrict the order to “only 1 item per photo” suitable in the case of digital downloads.

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