If you plan to determine the shipping method for your products, you need to navigate to the “Selling” >> “Self-Fulfillment” >> “Shipping Options” page. You can also use this setup to individualize the shipping cost, time, and/or bulk for various countries or limit the shipping to specific countries only.

You are allowed to create any number of shipping options with the manager, the same as with Products and Price lists. Editing and removing is as simple too.

The "Shipping Options" page contains fields for :
"Name" - the name that will be available in the Products page;
"Delivery Method" - allows you to choose from among :  First and Second Class Mail, FedEX, AirMail, etc.
"Destinations" - allows you to choose any number of individual states as well as larger units like the US, EU, or World-wide ;
"Max. number of times" - here you can restrict the number of items per single package/order ;
"Price for the 1st item" and "Price for an additional item" - lets you differentiate the overall price according to the number of items.

The last step in making your self-fulfilled products available to the public is to assign them to a price-list(s). Continue to Price lists, Managing orders, or return back to Creating the self-fulfilled products.