Self-fulfillment always requires order management, unlike downloads or products manufactured by our partner. Every time an order is made, you will receive an email notification. It includes customer's contact details for you to be able to agree on the payment method, in the case you have chosen to collect payments after the order is placed. 

Once you receive the email notification, you will have to navigate to the "Selling" >> "Sales" page (below). The page is divided into two sections - "My Sales" & "All-time Summary". The important part for order management is the first "My Sales" section. Each and every order is available in this section, not only the self-fulfilled products but prints and downloads as well. 

To proceed to the order details, choose the "Manage this order" link at the bottom of the respective order. You will see a page displaying all the products and, at the very bottom, the options to "Update order" and to "Cancel order". You can easily notify the customer of any changes when updating its status.

Updating is performed in one or two steps depending on the payment collecting settings. Either you "Update order to complete" after shipping the products, or you "Update order to Paid" and afterwards "Update order to complete".

What can I do next? You may want to return to Creating the self-fulfilled products, Shipping options, or Price lists.