You can use your existing digital products (or create new ones) to sell all photos and/or videos within an album.

When creating or editing your price list, scroll down to the "Album" category in the "Products" section (▼). Then simply click the "Add Products" button to add one of your existing digital products. You can conveniently create a new product right from the price list editing page by clicking the "Create new product" button. After you have set your price, assigned and saved your price list, your visitors are now ready to buy your whole album for your price.


You can combine photos and videos in albums and still allow different pricing. If you check both "for photos" and "for videos" in an album product, there won't be any difference in the price between an album with no videos and an album full of videos. Creating two price lists - one with "for photo(s)" only checked and one with "for video(s)" only checked, will create two full-album downloads in an album containing both, one "Buy" entry for each.


Purchase. The "Buy" menu now contains a new entry on the left side - your album product. You can see an album product as it appears in the cart, in the screenshot below. Your coupon codes can of course be used with album-products as well - by setting a minimum order price limit, you can effectively restrict specific coupon usage to album-products.


Depending on whether you have manual or automatic order approval selected, you may be notified of a pending order. You can then replace your photos by higher quality ones or with software-correction applied. After your order has been approved (this happens automatically if you keep the default settings), your customer will receive an e-mail containing (for albums containing both photos and videos) a link to the individual video from within an album and a link to a zip-file containing all of the photos.


What can I do next? You may want to review the advantages of manual order approval or check the other selling options.