Generate exportable Products reports and Albums reports for your sales.

Creating a report. After navigating to "SELLING" >> "Report" you are presented with a simple interface and a blank space underneath it. Starting from the right side of the interface, choose from the roll-down menu to create either Products report or Albums report. In the second roll-down menu, choose the time range you are looking for and in the last menu, select the order of the resulting data. By clicking "Show Report", your report is created.


Exporting a report. Only after you clicked the "Show Report" button another “Export As CSV” button appears underneath your results. Simply press this button and the download of the report in CSV (Comma-Separated-Values) format will be initiated.

What is the use of dividing reports to Albums and Products alternatives? The main reason is connected with numbers. The moment you start selling large quantities of photos from more than one album the data becomes almost unrecognizable. Albums reports provide you with simply structured way of analyzing your sales by the nature of the different Album contents. The more Albums you have, the more useful it becomes.

What can I do next? To offer larger variety of products you may consider creating packages and to reach a new audience discount coupons may prove to be invaluable.


What is the difference between "Sales" and "Reports" page in the "SELLING" menu?
While the Sales page shows a list of all sales you have ever done with the possibility to filter the list consequently, the Reports page lets you choose the criteria at first and allows you to generate only the list you wish to view. Furthermore, the Reports page contains new division – the Products and the Albums report.