As a seller, you may want to sign up for a 2Checkout account (sign up). During the sign up procedure, you will be asked to provide the domain. It is important to provide a correct domain, either or your custom domain, if you have one.
To finish configuring your 2Checkout account to work with BlueMelon, you need to set a few more options in your 2Checkout account.
After logging in to your 2Checkout account, you can either click the "Account" tab (1a) or roll-down the login tab and choose the "account settings" option (1b).



You need to be in the "Site Management" sub-tab (2). In there, you will find your seller information and Checkout Options. Please note that neither currency nor URL options override your BlueMelon settings. Make sure to adjust/check the following settings :

  • URL, which you have set up during the registration(3A);
  • Header Redirect (Your URL), (3B) thanks to which a page with their successful order opens to your customers; and
  • Secret Word, which you can rewrite (3C).
Also, Demo Setting should be set to either "Off" or "Parameter" (by default).



Click the "Save Changes" button.
Finally, return to your BlueMelon account, open "Selling" >> "Dashboard" and go to the "Manage Processors" (5) link at the very bottom of the page.


Copy+paste Account id (SID) and Secret word from your 2Checkout account to their respective field in Payment processors. After that is done, you need only to "enable" (6) the 2checkout processor and "Save" your settings. The result may look like this:


You have just successfully configured 2Checkout to work with your BlueMelon account.


What can I do next?  You may want to learn about PayPal.