As a seller, you need to have a third party payment processor to receive payments for products from your customers. You can use either PayPal or 2Checkout or both. The payment processor needs to be integrated with your BlueMelon account. You can learn more in a step-by-step guide for PayPal setup and 2Checkout setup.

How does it work? A customer chooses photos and videos to purchase and at the end of the checkout, he or she may pay with the integrated payment processor. In case you enable both processors, the customer can choose. You receive the payment directly to your payment processor account and BlueMelon notifies you about the purchase.


What does it mean for me as a seller? You are the merchant of record. This means that you are selling the products to the purchaser. We provide the interface and data transfer between our site and the payment processor. Therefore we can review whether transaction took place on our end and whether an order was successfully generated and sent to the customer. But you must ensure that the quality of the products you sell is as you advertise. One of the most common issues is that already watermarked photos are uploaded (learn more here).

What does it mean for my customers? Your customers may choose the method of payment that suits them the most. With both PayPal and 2Checkout, it is possible to process credit card payments as well as other methods.


In order to receive payments to PayPal, you need to have a Premier or Business account (for more see). You need to review their acceptable use policy and comply with their terms of use. Also, all transactions are subjected to PayPal fees.

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For PayPal to work, your customers may need to adjust their browser settings (allow pop-up windows) and must register for a PayPal account. To pay using a card, it needs to be added to the relevant PayPal account.


In order to receive payments to 2Checkout, you need to have an account (2Checkout sign up). You need to review their prohibited product policy and comply with their terms of use. Also, all transactions are subjected to 2Checkout fees.

You can set up 2Checkout to process credit cards and even PayPal payments making it a universal method for your customers to purchase your products.

Your customers do not need a 2Checkout account to pay.


What can I do next?  You may want to see our guide for configuring PayPal or 2Checkout.