Everything related to selling is accessible from the Selling Dashboard, which is located under the "Selling" >> "Selling Dashboard" menu entry. This is the place, where you can easily review your all-time sales, protection or choose to view more specific reports for your sales - all your sale information. This is also the central hub that links you to price lists, licenses and payment processors.

The information panel includes these features:

Why to use the Selling Dashboard when I can easily access most of the options directly from the "Selling" menu? The Selling Dashboard provides you with a clear organization and basic information for each category of your settings. What do you need in order to sell? Price lists and Payment processors are categorized by the dollar sign as essential for selling. Licenses and Coupons are both optional, but reviewing Licenses is strongly recommended, that is the reason why you can find them in the second place (▼).

Do not forget that the information panel is the most comprehensive source for reviewing protection settings associated with downloads and default selling settings. In combination with the links to other settings pages, the Selling Dashboard can become the center to improve your selling.


What can I do next? You can review the basics of selling or look at the related protection settings.