The main hub for your settings is located under the "Customize" >> "Site Settings" entry. This is the place, where you set up the default settings for your albums and categories, the settings which are used when new albums and categories are created. This is the place where you can set various advanced options, specific for a package, like order approval, cart sharing, or custom domain. Also, you enable FTP access and account wide password-protection here.

"Site Settings" is divided into numerous tabs which are available depending on the purchased packages. All users can access the "Homepage", "Access Control", "Download", "Album Layout", "Photo Layout" (▼), "Functionality", and "FTP" tabs. Users with Storage Plan can further access the "Domain" and "Visitor Registrations" tabs. Finally, users with Business Package have access to the "Selling" tab.

The primary use of "Site Settings" is to set up the default behavior of your bluemelon account and its communication with other sites and services. Communication with facebook using the Facebook API key, FTP access and communication with your domain registrar can be set up only here. Additionally, account-wide options like password, cart sharing, and order approval are available only here.

On the other hand, many of the tabs offer options also accessible from elsewhere, e.g. the Homepage layout can be accessed from the "Layout" menu accessible from your homepage, and the default settings can be changed by clicking the "Apply to all albums" link in "Album Settings".

The secondary use of "Site Settings" is for additional navigation that is enabled by the links accessible from the notes to each of the options. Some of the links allow you fast access to support articles while others redirect you to the specific settings pages for the specific command(s) like in the case of the "Selling" tab (▼).



The structure of your account settings can be simplified as the "Site Settings" > "Category Settings" > "Album Settings" > "Photo Settings" hierarchy. But with the exception that "Category Settings" offer less options than "Album Settings", because categories themselves are used solely for better organization of your albums.

The "Save" button does not need to be clicked for each tab, it is fully sufficient to click it after you have set all the options. But without saving your choices, you will lose them after exiting "Site Settings".