The ultimate tool for managing your photos/videos, albums, categories, featured albums and featured photos is available through “Organize” >> “Organizer”. It is also accessible through the “Organize” option in the various "Tools" menus like Featured Albums, Category, or "Organize Photos" in the "Tools" for photos.  



Categories :

  •   create or rename a category
  •   move (multiple) categories
  •   delete (multiple) categories (without the contained albums)
  •   order/arrange categories

Albums :

  •   create, rename, or delete albums with their contents
  •   move (multiple) albums with their contents
  •   copy (multiple) albums with their contents
  •   order/arrange albums within a category or on the homepage
  •   open an uploader for an album
  •   edit descriptions for an album
  •   watermark all the photos in (multiple) albums
  •   download all photos and videos from a single album in their uploaded quality (the album must be opened not selected)

Photos and videos :

  •   move, copy, or delete multiple photos and videos
  •   edit location, description, or keywords for (multiple) photos and videos
  •   order (multiple) photos
  •   make private/public (multiple) photos and videos
  •   download (multiple) photos and videos in their uploaded quality and without watermarks
  •   rotate (multiple) photos
  •   watermark (multiple) photos

Featured albums and featured photos :



The workspace consists of two parts, on the left is the navigation panel, and on the right is the contents panel. It is similar to windows explorer, allowing you to drag and drop any item from the list on the left to another valid target on the left, or drag and drop multiple photos from the right to an album on the left. The contents panel can be adjusted to cover more space, up to everything, or less of the workspace by moving/clicking the divider - resizing tool - making any ordering or selection more comfortable.

The two panels are complemented by an upper options/information panel. It displays the possible options for any item selected in the navigation panel like (Category/Album) and specifically for Albums. The center of the panel displays the number of contents for the selected item  making checking real easy. The right side of the panel offers the sorting, selection, and which confirms your changes and returns you back to the pre-organizer location.