Currently, we accept payments using Skrill and credit card payments, but, after contacting support, it may be possible to agree on a different payment method.

If you need to renew your account, you will not only receive an email but you may also "Extend your subscription" by using the link in an account notification such as this :


As a trial user
, you will find a message like this at the top of the webpage when you log in to your account :



Payment using Skrill. A fully functional alternative to credit card payment is to send the proper amount via Skrill to our account - In the message, please, include your login and the storage plan and package(s) you wish to purchase. They will be activated within 24 hours.

Payment using a credit card. Our credit card payment gateway is managed from the United Kingdom. This can result in international fees depending on your credit card issuer. One way to avoid these fees in most cases is to use a pre-paid card, we recommend Skrill Pre-Paid Mastercard, which operates from the United Kingdom too and works even if an ordinary card fails.

Credit card issues

If your credit card payment fails, the first step should be to check that you have completed all the steps that your card issuer requires from you to verify the transaction. There are various measures depending on the card issuer, one of which is that you are redirected to the webpage of your bank and asked to confirm your transaction there. Please note that only you can deal with credit card issues unless the payment gateway falls.

The second step with failed credit card payments is to try a different card or try again later. If the payment gateway falls, the problem is usually resolved within twelve hours. Alternatively or if the issue still repeats, you can contact support using this form.

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