Sub-accounts or Visitor Registrations are specialized accounts associated with specific BlueMelon users. Any subscriber can allow visitor registrations for her/his account, categories or albums. Registrations can also be part of the checkout process.

What is the difference between an account and a sub-account? The primary difference is that sub-accounts include no storage and therefore the options to upload photos or manage your homepage do not exist. Sub-accounts are simply customer accounts that enable fast access to all information associated with orders and other BlueMelon users. The secondary difference is one of access. Sub-account can only be accessed from a specific photographer's pages with whom you have registered the sub-account.

What are the advantages of having a sub-account? Any visitor/customer who registers with a BlueMelon user gains access to the history of her/his orders. This makes it simple to check the order details, status of the delivery or the payments. For purchased download products, customer gains access to the links for downloading as long as these are valid. Also, visitors can see the comments they've posted, their billing and shipping details are easily available disregarding the workstation they are on and the shopping cart can be easily saved or retrieved.

Finally, sub-accounts can serve as a wallet. You may send a credit to your account, which can be used to purchase prints and other products from BlueMelon users. Any unused funds can be withdrawn. For both deposition and withdrawal Skrill represents the primary payment service. For more information on paying through Skrill, take a look at the payment-products article.

Why should I enable Visitor Registrations/Sub-accounts? Not only you improve the comfort of your customers but visitor registrations can provide you with contact details and other information that may facilitate your communication with your customers and, perhaps, reach to your colleagues or find associates. For more information on Visitor Registration settings, follow this link.


What can I do next? You may want to review client access as an alternative to a sub-account.