ZIP files can be created for any of your albums either privately or published for all visitors.

You can restrict the maximum resolution the photos will be zipped in and all photos will be packed without watermarks regardless of your current watermark settings, since this is meant to be primarily a back-up and sharing solution for you.

A zip file can be private or published. A private can be accessed only via the e-mail we send you when your file has been prepared, or using the "Download" menu. A published zip file is shown in the "Download" menu to all of your visitors as well. Be sure to remember that the files are not watermarked, when publishing a zip file.

To create a zip file, simply click "Download" >> "Create Zip File" - from within an album, while logged in. Afterwards, you can specify the resolution and the privacy mode of the zip file, and confirm the creation.

We will notify you by e-mail when your file has been prepared, since the creation of large zip files naturally takes some time. A zip file exists for 14 days, and is afterwards automatically removed. If you prefer to delete the zip file before the 14 day period has elapsed, you can do so from the "Download" menu as well - as long as the file exists, it will contain a link to delete the file. You can have the file re-created, at any time.

To create a zip file of another of your albums, you can do so by simply navigating to it, clicking the "Download" button, and afterwards clicking the entry to recreate the zip file for the current album you will once again be notified when the file is ready.

A zip file is not automatically updated :  if you change the contents of your album, the change will not be reflected in the zip file, until you recreate the file using the "Download" menu.