The Organizer includes many tools making your life that much easier. Other than moving/copying, arranging content, it also allows you to manage featured albums and featured photos, and delete, create, rename, and upload content.

Featuring whole albums. Adding albums to your featured albums makes them more accessible e.g. from your Homepage, if you choose to display the "Featured Albums" section. First, you need to find the album (either in the right-side "Contents" panel or left-side "Navigation" panel). Then, you drag and drop the selected album(s) from its original place (1) to the "Featured albums" category in the navigation panel (2).


Do not worry about the original album, it will stay where it was, only its image will be created within the "Featured albums".


You may see a notification about the operation being performed at the top of the BlueMelon webpage (3).


And when you click on the "Featured albums", you will see the image of your newly added album.


Featured photos. To add photos to your "Featured photos", simply drag and drop selected photo(s) from their original location (1) to the "Featured photos" (2) in the navigation panel, just like you would do with albums.


You do not have to select all photos within an album :


Removing featured items. The Organizer is capable of removing featured albums or photos without any changes to the your ordinary albums and photos, their location or other aspect. You need only to choose the album(s) or photo(s) you wish to remove and click on "Delete" (1) in the "Selected" roll-down menu.


Every removal requires a confirmation. As you can see below, the albums or photos will be deleted only from featured albums or featured photos respectively.


Please note :  both Featured albums Featured photos are always visible in the navigation panel, even if you do not display any of them on your homepage. This makes them especially accessible. Furthermore, they cannot be moved nor renamed and do not provide automatic ordering/arranging options like ordinary albums and categories do.